Comment: The Bible is a historical text

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The Bible is a historical text

made up of a collection of books and folklore, told and retold by different peoples and cultures over thousands of years, before finally being written as the Bible that we know.

Because of this, I have always had difficulty in accepting that it is THE Word of God. I ALSO have difficulty thinking it as a work of pure fiction.

I prefer to call it an imperfect record written by humankind and inspired by 'God' ('God' could be a deity, a concept, a belief etc., depending on who of the may billions of Judeo-Christian individuals that you may ask over all human history). In doing so, we can recognise that there will be some things written in the Bible that may not be acceptable today, and so we will not be totally bound by history. However, if what we read is good within reason, then it shall be considered good at that moment.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.