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Those verses, nor any other verses, were ever “shoved down my throat”.

You can take the bible and twist it to mean anything you want. However, when you approach it honestly, to let it speak naturally you can come to no other conclusion than the one I am suggesting. To do so is to fly in the face of thousands of year of clear understanding and teaching. I could quote several other scriptures to further prove this point. However, given your tone, and self professed private interpretation of the scriptures, it would be an exercise in futility.

Luke 17:21 is Christ answering the faithless pharisees. Not the Romans. He was speaking to his own, who received him not. In verse 22 he begins speaking to his disciples, not Romans, about the literal seconding coming of Christ and his earthly reign, the Kingdom of God. To read more into this then is there is to add to God’s word and is intellectually dishonest.

To your last point. Do you think God is so limited he can’t preserved his word for the world he loves? He can create the universe an all that is therein yet cannot keep 66 books intact? I think it is too often forgotten when discussing such subjects that we neglect the fact that the subject is at it’s core, God. An immense topic.

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