Comment: It's easy to blame God or the Bible, for atrocities neither did

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It's easy to blame God or the Bible, for atrocities neither did

It's easy to blame God or the Bible, for atrocities neither has ever committed.

Funny thing is, the former is either invisible to most or self-evident to a few contemplative, and the latter is only ... a text. Just paper and ink, to put it briefly.

I'd find odd to blame the dagger, and not the murderer who used it to stab the innocent. Wouldn't you? That's also useful metaphor to use in recent news, btw.

Now, this is what happens when men put faith and allegiance to a supreme authority who is to be found exclusively in other men, while "God" is made "illegal" in the same occasion:

That's pretty efficient, if you ask me. Without even God around. Not even his name (forbidden). I mean, woa. 260 millions in less than a century. Even the Crusades seem like a pleasant anecdote compared to that. I DO know it's not just about the numbers, but all in the principles, but still... Neat performance. WITH "GOD" COMPLETELY DISQUALIFIED, UPFRONT.

Another funny thing is:

I have never seen God, by my own eyes, kill anybody. Have you ? Got pictures ?

I mean, you know: righteously (justice) or not (murder). He could be a murderer, then I'd stop with my good a priori on Him. I just want to see that on film. FIRST. I did appeal many times for Him to come "in person", though, and render justice His justice, precisely against the sort of men as in the above. Still, no luck !

While we can find records of men exterminating others, as in above example, for like ... what ? Tens of thousands of years, way beyond just a century ?

It's always men killing others in that eerie video I happen to live in ! DANG ! Quite annoying. Really tiring. Really outraging. With or without "God" used as an excuse, I can sure grant you that.

But I can see the difference. Cf. dagger metaphor above.

Likewise, do you blame the cars (or the road, or ... etc) when there's a car wreck with everybody killed ... after you learned the drivers were drunk ? Etc, etc.

Hint: I wouldn't even blame alcohol or the right to drink it, either, btw.

"Your Mileage May Vary" (?)

Anyway, I think you got my point.

Thus, if I had to blame something or someone, I don't think I'd even put God anywhere on my list. Neither the idea that "He is", or texts about Him.

But men, with God (or without) will continue to do what they have always done with "many other things" : create or destroy.

Just trying to strive keep my focus on what's going on, around me, you know.

So, I just keep faith, not so much in what He presumably can or cannot do, but much more so in those of His Words that matter the most to me:

The Golden Rule.

Makes sense ?

'Hope it helps, &


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