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I don't forgive Dictating Rulers who portray themselves

as living God's.

That Religion among the rest has caused more mass murder than any standing army the world has ever known. The book is pure evil; it was written by evil men to control society.

We now know with 100% certainty, the Roman Caesar's wrote the New Testament and back dated it 'one generation' (40 years) so that any one reading it at the time of it's release would understand the Son of Man that Jesus spoke of, was none other than Titus Flavius.

Jesus said "before this generation I am speaking to today shall pass, a son of Man will come and encircle the city of Jerusalem; burn down certain Galilean Cities, Raze the Holy Temple, and leave no stone atop another".

Who fulfilled the prophesies Jesus spoke of?

Answer: Titus, the son of the living God - Vespasian

The Romans had to stop the militaristic movement of the Torah Jews that were praying in David to help defeat the Romans. They created a typological character named Jesus that acted as Titus' Malachi - his messenger in the text.

The ministry campaign of Jesus is 100% totally dependent on the military campaign of Titus in his War with the Jews.

The Roman tax collecting families gave the Jews a new messiah; one that would "turn the other cheek" and "give unto Caesar that which is Caesars".

Jesus ministry campaign ended in 33 CE, and the Roman - Jewish War ended in 73 CE, the exact same day - pass over. Exactly one generation (40 years) to the day of pass over.

The War lasted from 66 CE to 73 CE; this is the seven years of famine spoke of in the text; as the Roman Army had Jerusalem surrounded and literally starved them out.

Ask yourself this question:

Do you REALLY believe that during the bloodiest War of that time, that the Torah Jews, who were a VERY militaristic people as portrayed in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which hadn't yet been filtered by the Romans, would have been praying in a tax paying and obedient tax paying messiah that believed it was okay to live under the Roman Iron Fist?

Or do you think they were really praying in their Warrior Messiah named David?

Joseph Atwill has unlocked the secrets of the New Testament in his film documentary ... you can find him in several radio appearances on YouTube under that title as well where he goes into much greater detail in several different shows.

The first three books of the New Testament are the story of the living God and his Son in their war with the Jews, and is tied directly into Josephus' "War of the Jews".

The very word "Gospel" means "Good News of Military Victory" in it's earliest Greek translation.

Atwill will be releasing his second book and film documentary this year called the "Single Strand" which proves that the books of John; the Pauline material, all the way through Revelation is the work of Domitian and his court recorder Suetonius and his work "The Twelve Caesars".

The Romans wanted the Torah Jews to recognize them as Gods, but the Jews refused to worship a living Man claiming the throne of God, and that's where it all started.