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In the same way we are conversant

in the founding documents, we should be familiar with the KJV Bible and others used at the time.

Doesn't hurt to have Webster's first edition, either, which was designed, first and foremost, as a dictionary for the Bible.

Sun Ra says the Bible is a dictionary. If you want to know whether a word is bad or not, look at where it shows up in the Bible.

To me, the idea of "waking up" is somewhat akin to "being saved."

Jesus was willingly tortured and murdered for the sake of everyone, so that no one need ever choose that same path.

We were to be ruled by law, not man. We are born free agents, and whether one ever comprehends the good news or not, it is really very much like trying to argue with a scaredy-cat control freak about gun control.

It seems pretty foolish to me to close your mind to this book, of all books. Don't believe it, but know that its influence is historical fact, and to deny yourself an understanding allusions that are an embedded aspect of our language and literature.