Comment: Just going to pick at this a

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Just going to pick at this a

Just going to pick at this a bit.

"The Bible does ask for submission, however to submit is not to be enslaved, it is to willingly serve."

So, instead of forcing us to be slaves we're supposed to willingly serve? Well, slavery to another man is simply a choice - one can always refuse to be enslaved and suffer the repercussions. One can always refuse to willingly serve... and, what, suffer eternal damnation?
Neither one sounds good to me.

"You fill find that serving others inspires others to serve you."

So it creates a pyramid scheme where we inflict slavery, oops, I mean willing servitude onto others?
No thanks.

This is more at poking around with your logic, and does not actually reflect the Bible. Personally, I think there is a lot to religion that helps liberate, and is pretty much what religion is all about, but there's always the corrupt interpretation and then the tyrants come in and tell us our interpretation has to meet theirs: Submit to slavery, or suffer the repercussions.