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What are you on about? o_O

I have been on the inside of many a gathering of both dems and repubs for going on 30+ years and I am clueless to where you are getting your characterizations from.

In general republicans and conservative-leaning folk are quite frumpy, laid back and extremely polite and respectful even with their enemies and those they disrespect.

Democrats and the liberal-leaning tend to be the loud ones spewing vulgarity with an in-your-face "I don't care you think about me" attitude. But even most of the libdems display decorum most of the time.

And where are you getting that Ron Paul engaged in pandering to liberals? Ron Paul sometimes would work with dems and liberals that shared common legislative goals but he was quick to articulate any political differences.

And where are you getting that Ron Paul secretly likes trash talking and loud vulgarity? From you imaginary friends? Ron has never held back from aggressively confronting things he considered immoral or upbraiding someone for philosophies he thinks are harming others. He just does it thoroughly yet with the dignity and composure of a statesman attacking the ideas and not the person.

You keep flippantly calling people here "liberals" when most of the time it is obvious you haven't even researched the background and history of the person or are just doing it dishonestly.

You keep referring to yourself as a conservative and your little exclusive club of conservatives as if true conservatives in the Old Right and Reaganite veins are some rare quantity here on Daily Paul. Just what do you define as a conservative and what well-known conservatives that typify your brand of conservatism can you refer us to? The good folks over at little green footballs or red state who constantly spew ad homs and vulgarity and instantly ban any contrary viewpoints and discussion? Or perhaps **put list of arrogant loud smearmongering neocon radio show hosts here**?

I've mingled in many a formal political setting on several sides and odd nooks and crannies of many political aisles and have spent sometimes seemingly endless hours in casual political conversations with people of all stripes on the street, in homes, in offices, in the woods and on the water and I am clueless to the "reality" you seem to be operating in and describing.

When you refer to "liberals" just what are you referring to? People who are anti-war? People who are for civil liberties or that smoke weed? Social liberals that have more open attitudes towards sexuality? There is certainly very few if any big govt liberals hanging around. Maybe a few outsider observers. Nearly all "liberals" here are social liberals that at the same time harshly object to big government. Are you just using the term "liberal" as a smear against libertarian purists?

Just what are you on about? You mostly come off as just goofy in a "me and my imaginary friends" kind of way and your constant labeling and categorizing of people seems arbitrary, petty, baseless and merely cheap attempts at smearing those who disagree with you or that don't support your fave political personalities.

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