Comment: In approximately 78 to 80 CE when the New Testament was

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In approximately 78 to 80 CE when the New Testament was

written, all court recorders of that time recognized Titus as a Christ; which was nothing more than a title of an anointed one - the Son of Man - The Son of the Living God - Vespasian who was Emperor prior to Titus' reign, and eventually his brother Domitian carried the throne.

The Scriptures are the literary version of the Arch of Titus which still stands in Rome today. Carved into the Arch is the story of the Son of Man who defeated Jerusalem.

The very word "Gospels" means "Good News of Military Victory" in it's earliest Greek translation. The good news was the final defeat of the Torah Jews and the Roman overthrow and occupation of the holy city, which from that point forward would be known as "Heaven on Earth".

I left a comment below that may help explain this a bit more:

After the Roman-Jewish War, many Jews fled the Roman Empire; they would not recognize Vespasian as the living God and his Son Titus as their Christ. Those people were labeled "Anti-Christs" aka "Anti-Titus".

The book makes you feel that the Jews turned their back on God and his feelings are hurt because of this. What actually happened is, they would not accept Vespasian as their God and his Son as their Savior - the Christ.

But all they had to do to re-enter the holy city was to accept Titus (Christ) as their Lord and Savior and Vespasian as God.

Vespasian said the Lord shed his blood for you, and he did. The Lord Titus shed his blood and suffered wounds in the Desert War, and because of that, he was entitled to sit at the Right Hand of God in his new throne (Jerusalem), and his enemies would become his foot stools.

Those enemies spoke of in the text are the Torah Jews that fought them for seven years in the desert.

Atwill shows you the proof in his film documentary that the Romans wrote the New Testament, and left that proof for all posterity to see.

This hoax on humanity has finally been exposed with the documentation to back it up. It's lasted over 2,000 years; has killed more people and started more wars than any living army.

If you read the book of Titus after learning this information, you will come to understand it is Vespasian speaking to his Son Titus, and instructing him on how to teach their newly acquired slaves to be obedient to their new Masters and obey government authority.

"The Truth Shall Set You Free"