Comment: I just "ate" The HEALTHIEST meal!

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I just "ate" The HEALTHIEST meal!

Well, 1st off -- WHAT ABOUT the Sheriff's around the country standing-up against the Elite Oligarchy GUNBANS? Also -- I am in Denver, and a customer came in right after the Aurora shooting, and said there were 2 shooters, and Holmes was not there. What about the videos of 3 suspects being arrested at the Sandy Hook Massacre? I think the Obama/ New World Order crew are Coming for our guns FULL-FORCE. WE CAN AND MUST STOP the further eroding of our Constitutional Rights.
What did I just eat? Blended up Apples/Strawberries/Cucumber/Celery/Tomatoes... Watch the Movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" -- It is VERY inspirational.
Michael K0bzina
Colorado GOP Bonus Member Candidate / 25H District Captain

Michael K-obzina
Republican District Captain 25h
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