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I guess it's worth a look

After all I do post here with my real name. But that's not the hangup. I just dislike twitter. But I dunno. Other than helping Ben Swann win an award if I sign up I honestly don't even know a single person with twitter in my daily life (unlike here), although most 99% of people I know has something like MyFace or the likes and I think it would be a waste to sign up once just to vote for him when tweeter is not my foray. 140 or 65 (which is what I was given when I tried to vote) what can you convey in a few sentences?

It just feels weird for me. But I really hope Ben wins. I wish he was up for a bigger prize then a "shorty". He should get a "biggie".

In any case I'm sure he knows we like him here. I've written the station in thanks. Maybe I will make an account to vote one time so he can win the "shortie" award. He's a bigger man than I, that I know for sure (I'm pretty short myself), and I really truly think he should get a huge award. Not a Shorty.

But it would be nice to write a few paragraphs rather than a sentence or so to nominate him. The guy is genius. Not some twitter fodder.

But maybe this will pave the way for bigger and better awards. I think he's already gotten great awards in any case. I blitzkrieg all his videos to hundreds of people, even I got my mom to "like" him on facepunt which led her to become a republican along with little Ron Paul snippets. Just his videos alone have changed my mom and a little my dad.

He deserves a pulitzer or something like that. I really have a deep respect for him. I wouldn't spam people with his videos if I thought they were BS. I don't want to talk to total strangers in 140 characters. Nobody would take me seriously. I would rather talk to people face to face and raise awareness. Most people ignore my e-mails. Probably 95%. I think people who have twitter and know of Ben Swann will already vote for him.

I will hit up all my e-mail contacts and forum contacts to vote for him. That's better than my one vote. There are way more people on twitter on the WWW than I know from day to day.