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red herring

They are just using this issue as a distraction from their other projects. They know that you will HAVE to fight this. How can you not? So all resources will be to fight this even though it has no chance of passing currently. But they will bring it state to state where tey can get some traction and generate more fear. We just saw what happened in New York. And they are already talking about it in Oregon. The governor is publicly pushing for it.

You see, that this issue can keep everyone occupied for several years at least. Meanwhile they will be able to do even more damage. Very similar to what Cheney orchestrated with the gay rights issues.

I will not discourage anyone from rooting out corruption wherever it is...sandy hook, 911 or otherwise. Because, if any do get traction it will change the whole narrative and the smokescreen goes away.

On the bright side, there are many liberal gun owners and lovers. If they get vocal this will go away rapidly. Will they continue to stand with Obama? That is the question.