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We really need to understand that we are living through something like the rise of the Third Reich in Germany, except perhaps in a somewhat slower fashion.

What would you do if you were living next door to an extermination camp in Germany? No one questions it, but it's going on---people who have done nothing wrong are having their lives destroyed---and you are essentially alone in your opposition. All of the society around you, thinks nothing can be done because the underlying societal foundation of aggression is essentially sound. No one questions the violent control and suppression of peaceful individuals who want to be different. What do you do?

From Randy Weaver to Irwin Shiff to Darren Huff to Schaeffer Cox, these people didn't hurt anyone, but essentially because of their speech and thought they were put in cages and endured what is clearly an effort to break their minds. And it can be said that these people essentially put their lives on the line on behalf of the liberty of others. They can be easily compared to a communist or gypsy in Germany who was rounded up by their totalitarian state. When do we recognize ours?

When do we really compare Obama to Hitler? You know Hitler probably didn't actually kill many (any?) people firsthand either.

I can't express how disgusted I am with people telling me that "it can't happen here" because "it already happened before." It's happening. The only question is what to do about it.