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CHIPIN widget

It is now the morning of 01/26/13. Not only is CHIPIN widget and CHIPIN site down since the morning of 01/25/13, they can not be reached, they have no customer or technical support.

After doing an Internet search for information on the CHIPIN widget operation it appears to be run by an individual out of Honolulu, HI. There is no activity for the last year or two per normal business activity (updates on their site or blog).

This concerns me that the site / offer of service was in "auto mode" and not really maintained by a "live" staff.

After investigating today the site, it concerns me that the service of clearing "transactions" for others may just be a "data mine" operation used by the individual offering the CHIPIN widget, collecting information on users and contributors.

When a site crashes due to technical difficulties, usually the site is back up in 2 to 3 hours. Here it is going on over 24 hours. Legal issues or simple abandonment of a site, the "red flag" time period there would be over 24-hours.

If the site is still down after 48-hours I will delete the "now invisible" CHIPIN widget from my site and never use again due to the red flags I have seen after investigation of the person who runs the CHIPIN widget today.

** No real business office - No real contact information - No activity of updates on the CHIPIN website for the last several years - and now for the last 24-hours No functionality of the CHIPIN widget.

A service that offers the clearing of financial transactions, the key there is reliability.

How many tens of thousands of dollars did not come in for those that were relying on the functionality of the CHIPIN widget / service???

In my case I have not used the widget in four-years but for the first time in four-years I put the widget up late in the evening of 01/24/13 with a campaign to raise $40,000 by 02/15/2013, sent out notice to over 10,000 supporters, and then the CHIPIN widget goes down. Usually on the first day of a campaign launch, the best results come in. I probably missed $1,500 to $2,000 on the 25th.

As of a few hours ago I put the following under where the CHIPIN widget was supposed to appear: "If the CHIPIN widget does not display above, please use the following" and put a normal PayPal icon link under that line.. Since doing so $400 came in through the normal PayPal link as of the time of this writing.

How many contributions were missed on the 25th? I and the other users of the CHIPIN widget will never know...

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