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Look for HUNTS catsup with the large banner across the label saying...No High Fructose Corn Syrup!
Syrup for pancakes? Log Cabin Syrup with large banner saying the same. Have to look but Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice has a line w/o the HFCS too. Jelly? Look for Smuckers in their "Simply Fruit" not their regular jelly. On Smuckers, it's not a banner. Welches Jelly now has a no HFCS with banner proclaiming No HFCS. Soda/pop ? Good luck if you can find it in your town but JONES brand is good! As good as Coke or Pepsi which is loaded with the junk. Seems all processed foods have it so go back to cooking your own meals. God bless and Good Health to YOU!