Comment: I am certainly no lawyer

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I am certainly no lawyer

but if you contract with the city for electrical power, and the city actually owns the meter, doesnt that legally entitle them to an easment to access their equipment? Im pretty sure you cant build a box around your meter and lock it so the Electric Co. cant get to it (or maybe you can...idk)I would think that whatever agreement you made when you first sign up for service would allow them this access.
I'm not saying I like it though.
Its a great reason to figure out off the grid living.
And honestly, as a parent myself, this woman using her kids as her reason for not wanting them on her property is preposterous. She says these guys could affect her childs migraines and blood sugar? She would have done much better if she had some examples of private property law that she thought would support her non-concent.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy