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He's not ACLU

He's ACLJ, the bible-thumpers' counterpart to the SPLC. That's why he's cool with invading privacy and putting armed guards in schools. I don't want guards in my kids' elementary school! I want persons who already work there anyway to have the option to carry on the premises under their own license to carry.

People in general should be required to report credible threats to imminently cause loss of life whether suicide or homicide, and at the same time should be prevented from reporting nonspecific feelings of "wanting to kill" themselves or others which won't be unambiguously carried out. The concept of mandatory reporting for certain occupations should be eliminated.

The government is trying to declare EVERYBODY crazy and use it as an excuse to deny firearms forever. Congress passed a reasonable law giving people accused of being crazy to restore their right to own guns and this law is subject to frequent hit pieces from the left which it would not suffer if it were about the right to drive or right to vote just because they're gun haters. This is a war on gun owners as scary as the war on drugs, and I'm very worried that the neo-con/neo-lib statists like McConnell and Boehner will rob us of the Second Amendment in deference to their elitist owners' demands.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.