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I think your confusing profit

gasp...with theft. I dont understand the gasp, I've already agreed Im not against profit, hell if those profits are obscene, that's fine too. Give up the whole gasp part, outside if making yourself feel more capitalist, its just being snarky.

Competition is good, we are in agreement. If many companies entered into the market printing their own currency the same as the fed, all be it fiat, it would at least allow choice. It wouldn't work because fiat currencies have never worked. So saying privatize the Fed is actually only a half of what you want tho say. What I believe you want is to privatize currency. Allowing others to compete. Saying privatize the fed to me only says once again, they are still the only player in the currency market.

As I said before, there is nothing wrong with lawful money, if they congress would actively stick to a constitutional currency, its the best way. Privatization of currency is second. If you want to get into which way is better, I will oblige, but saying privatize currency would be more correct.