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Comment: The Elixir of life

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The Elixir of life

I'm planting more strawberries, blueberries and carrots this spring. Never gave it a thought until family member started talking about it. The three foods above were eaten everyday by my grandparents and great grandparents. It became important when I remembered that Great grandfather lived to 114, Great Grandmother 107 and Grandparents to 100. Well, Grandpa didn't make the 100. A month short of 100th birthday he fell hunting climbing a fence, ripped off a whole finger and walked 3 miles to the highway for a ride to hospital. [lost too much blood, died on arrival.] Grandmother died a week short of 100th birthday. She had a heart attack on the dance floor at her twice monthly social club dance doing the Fox Trot.. Can remember how an entire big freezer was full of strawberries Grandfather had frozen from his immaculate strawberry beds. The big fridge freezer in the kitchen had the carrots and blueberries. Was told Great Grandparents did the same. Oh, all were physically and mentally active and healthy, not over weight right up to the end. Looked many years younger then they were all thorough life. No meds, canes, wheelchairs, hearing aids or glasses [except to read] Those three foods must be The fountain of youth and The Elizir of life.
Didn't make a connection until we were talking about it during the memories of grandparents conversation. Ordered the organic seeds. Going to plant a ton of those three!!