Comment: I should have said motivated

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I should have said motivated

I did not feel irate, but I absolutely feel a passion to do something. Anger is a fuel, like gasoline. If you hold it in, a spark can ignite an explosion, and that's not constructive, so rather, I do things, like go to my committee meetings, try to keep up on local, state, and national issues, and then prepare to debate and vote. I LOVE my committee, and I LOVE life, and am generally a very happy person. I hope this apology will suffice, and that you can excuse me for employing a word that actually did not reflect my feelings. I feel motivated.

I should also add, that I am nioe, but more important, I am genuine. Like all people, things happen that dissappoint, or worse, hurt me and or others, like my community, and I care. I am not going to be nice in an attempt to sway, because I don't appreciate people who act nice in attempts to sway. I am going to be polite, and I will dish what is dished, sans foul language and violent acts.