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A simple search and common sense

Israel protecting US oil there's hundreds of thousands, I just grabbed one off the top

My father was a Tin Can Sailor.. Destroyers are us, and sorry U.S.S. Liberty was not commissioned as a destroyer but an INTEL.. equipted for spying ship.

Palestine even has their children attack.. time and time again it's one group to another who rise up against Israel.

I trued several times to give you a link to Arafat's wife telling about the training and groups he created to attack Israel.. sorry it did n;t work.

I was raised an an objectivist, and I don't miss it.. LOVE my Church and adore my God, and I'm happy. No apology from me.. LORD JESUS CRIST IS MY SAVIOR AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM, my Church.. I'm so happy.

Too bad for you I'm elected on a committee, eh?