Comment: If local people back the sheriff, he does.

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If local people back the sheriff, he does.

And what makes you think that people that butcher babies for a living are going to care about some silly regulations? It's like murderers caring about gun bans.

These pro-life strides you're referring to have not returned legal protection to even one unborn baby. The pro-life lawmakers for the most part are gutless. They won't even say, "we want to legislate them out of business in our state." They say things like, "well, we don't want to lose the mother and the baby, so we need sanitary conditions, yada yada." I've heard them myself. And when a sheriff up north said he would use lethal force to keep abortionists from operating in his county, he got all kinds of flack---mostly from pro-lifers. He apologized as they almost always do. No guts!

And yes, abortion industry workers (peons) are worried. But, I doubt the bigwigs are the least bit concerned.

Christians should not be warmongers!