Comment: I don't trust Anonymous. They

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I don't trust Anonymous. They

I don't trust Anonymous. They have done nothing to expose the criminal element in our Govt. If they truly wanted to do something other than provide more impetus for the Govt to lock down the internet, they'd hack into the HI Dept of Health and expose Obama's forged credentials, or the State Dept and get their hands on his passport information, or Columbia University and provide his student records, or the Social Security Admin and show us the original holder of his stolen SS#, or the DHS, or Army War College, etc. etc.

Instead, they waste their time and efforts on the USSC instead of the CIA, FBI, DHS, et. al. where they could find real info that would help to restore the Republic.

It is my opinion that they are simply a psy-op designed to flush out citizen hackers and facilitate internet control.

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