Comment: When I opened DP this morning, this post was 10 points up

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When I opened DP this morning, this post was 10 points up

When I logged in, it was 80 points down. Seems something is desperately wrong with the voting icon's ability to count.

To be honest invalid10, I don't understand why you would suggest banning anyone.

I stronly disagreed with those who supported GJ, but never suggested they be banned (I am not going to pander to MN, owner or not; I appreciate his tolerance of his old friend The Granger).

If there was an Obama group of supporters down voting my every post, I would not suggest they be banned. I don't get the banning of those who we don't agree with politicaly. I guess I just don't see the wisdom in banning people who one disagrees with. Now if someone was making violent threats.. ok, then I can see banning a someone who is provoking and terrorisng members and guests on DP. But if it's just because you don't like them.. I understand there is an ignor icon.. please, use it for The Granger.. please ignor me, and may PEACE and LOVE surround you and keep you feeling safe and good, HAPPY and joyful forever and ever.