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I absolutely have transfered my support from Ron to Rand.. It has "dissappointed" the owner of this site tremendously, who has repeatedly posted, THIS WILL NOT BE A RAND PAUL SITE.. THERE WILL BE NO CHIP IN.. NO MONEY BOMBS so to say that DP is moving to automatically get people to support Rand is absolutely wrong.

DP may wind up supporting Hillary Clinton or Biden or some Republican willing to wear a libertarian pin and speak like Ron Paul to marginalize voters of liberty again..

I think it's honorable that DP provides a forum for us to debate. I never thought I would support a Republican. I never thought I would be a republican. I never thought I would be an elected Republican, but here I am.. all because of Ron Paul. I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100%.. yet, the more I studied, the more I did.. and those studies are what opened me to Rand.. and now I like Rand very much. He is very exciting, and I'm learning a lot and proud of him.

I'm sorry you do not see it my way, but that's what makes DP interesting to me.