Comment: So how many upvotes equal

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So how many upvotes equal

one point? Mine seems to be stuck at 5.75. :)

I was 22 for awhile but Gary lickers got me now it's Rand lickers. (5.74 coming up?)

Sometimes I like to see how much control I can have over the numbers, which seemed to work great then all of a sudden it stuck around 5.75 and no matter how many upvotes I get, it only moves .01 to .04 + -. :)

In reality they mean nothing.. some people get donwvoted because people block vote on a cult of personality others on a particular subject and others just because they don't care for a person or anti-cult of personality? I rarely vote anymore for two reasons.. I think it's petty in most cases and it screws up my ability to get back to that conversation from "my account".

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