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I understand you want a cumbaya moment for our country.
This will not happen. The sides view things too differently and will never view our constitution the same.
One side sees it as a living breathing document, and can be as changing as the times.
The otherside views it to be strictly enforced and say the founders wrote it with several steps needed to be taken to change it.

There will be no cumbaya.
Rand does not care if liberals are waking up like his father did.
Rand knows he doesnt need leftists, and liberals and he doesnt want them around him.
He doesnt agree with them. and he does not have nor will he take the time to give them a free education like his father did. He likes them, Im sure, he loves all Americans- like his father does, but when it comes to politics Rand wants libs to butt out of his campaigns and the Tea Parties.
This is what libs that followed his father dont get.
Rand is not his father and comes from the next generation and knows what liberals have evolved into and wants no part of them.
Im sorry this hurts the libs. I think they have good hearts.
But this isnt about a good hearted cumbaya.
This is about understanding the role of gvt and how our constitution should be srictly enforced. and nothing more.
Rand knows libs and leftists will never get behind KEY points in our constitution and will leave nothing to chance.
So that is why libs feel distaste from Rand and the reason LL plays like it is prorand. It seeks to manipulate the leftists you speak of into following rand. By in no way does it like or agree with rand and in fact is plotting to take him down at the last minute like it did his father.
Understand this.
It wont HAPPEN again.
Once one of us catch wind of the scheme, the flea infested cat will be out of the bag and the time is too long for the truth not to come out before the next election.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016