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I think and speak for me, not Rand.

However things may look, there is no way for me (or even anyone one on DailyPaul) to know what Rand actually thinks.

He might fully actually support Israel, just not with foreign aid.

I am presenting the perspective that if anyone is trying to make the cuts to foreign aid, this might be a great way to do it; giving verbal support while cutting aid.

When it comes down to it, it matters more what a person does, than what they say. Beliefs and words change over time, even with "good" people. You just never know if people are going to come through until they actually do. That applies to everyone, regardless of their genuineness.

My conclusion is that I would accept what Rand says about this issue from face value alone. It's probably the best bet to cut foreign aid.

I good dad might say: "I love you, little boy/nation, but you need to support yourself."