Comment: Obviously you don't know much

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Obviously you don't know much

Obviously you don't know much about Kucinich. Just because he's against the Bankers doesn't mean he's got the same goals of fixing the economy as we or Dr. Paul do.

He wants to fix the deficit by taxes, not cutting spending. He's also a huge proponent of "free" (universal) health care, who thinks it's a right in our society.

Like I said, I commend him for his foreign policy. And he's been anti-big bank his whole career. But he's a straight up economic socialist. And getting to a country of Austrian economics is the most important thing, as that snowballs everything else.

Again, we can commend him for a couple acts. But he's no friend of Liberty. I'll call him an ally regarding foreign policy, and that's it. After you see his record, you'll see as well.