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NSAnonymous Provides Pretext to Shut Down Web in the Name of Aaron Swartz

The NSA operation known as “Anonymous” has apparently hacked a government (privatized?) website, some ancillary division of the Justice Department, in response they claim to Aaron Swartz’ “suicide”
What they are doing is providing the needed pretext for the government to shut down the internet, to control it, the very thing Aaron Swartz fought against. Kinda sickening when you think about it.

This follows the NSAnonymous “call to arms” they recently put out, a honeypot of a Youtube video designed to see if they could get some videographer warriors to say naughty things in the comment section so they could round them up as well. That video looks almost as corny as the FBI’s “Innocence of the Muslims” crap. I guess they can’t find legitimately creative people in their Vichy camps at Princeton or Yale. Go figure.

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