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Comment: I AGREE - SOMETHING needs to be done about Rand Supporters

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I AGREE - SOMETHING needs to be done about Rand Supporters

Compared to how many up-votes friendly Rand Paul articles receive, there are comparatively VERY FEW comments. The number 1 reason why I did not contribute financially to the DailyPaul is because I think it's being hijacked by fake Rand supporters - the neocons are starting to court libertarians again, and Rand is courting the neocons.

An attack on israel is an attack on the united states? (quote from Rand)

We used to be loved in the middle east. Syria wanted the United States Government to RUN THEIR COUNTRY after WW2. Now we teamed up with the little, insecure nerd who is lashing out when he shouldn't be (and WOULDN'T be if we weren't always right there to back up his inappropriate behavior).

This rand paul business is SUSPECT. He hasn't proven himself and during the whole campaign the dailypaul was crying out with 1 voice: SHOW US A RECORD! ONLY BACK THE CANDIDATE WITH A RECORD! STOP BELIEVING THEIR WORDS.

Now people support Rand using the same logic neocons support Romney: Well he COULD be worse.

That's the 'lesser of two evils' argument - no Ron Paul supporter would EVER use that logic.