Comment: The way I see it, you've got a choice.

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The way I see it, you've got a choice.

You can have smart meters that they control or you can have smart meters that foster a free market and are not an instrument of control. Which would you fight for?

Most of the things on this site are conjecture. I have posted factual information based on more than a decade of personal involvement. I have had numerous lengthy and heated debates with people of all levels of involvement with these devices. I have designed and built these things. I have proposed and installed them. I have vigorously considered the fears of their opponents and to combat that, I have proposed a way to use them in which all direct players win (IOW, the bankers/NWO/elites/TPTB are NOT direct players). Therefore, I do not appreciate my words being labeled as technical dribble or conjecture.

The politicians do not know of any issues with this topic. I have personally informed a number of them which resulted in their full backing. In short, there is no justifiable reason they can produce to not support it. This process is very slow and I have lost more support to elections than I have gained over the years. This is why I believe the issue must be brought to the public.

Like it or not, the utility companies (public or private) own the meters and the right to monitor their product's sale in any way they choose. This means we WILL all be getting them at one point. If we do nothing to guide that process down the right path, we'll get exactly what you fear happening. Fighting the adoption of smart meters on health or privacy reasons is completely pointless since neither of those issues exist. If you're looking for conjecture, THEY are so in spades. Why not fight to put the adoption of these devices on the right path?

This is not a bet. This is activism.