Comment: You have been given the gift of life

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You have been given the gift of life

You can choose what you want to do with it.

If you choose to honor the giver with it then there will be reward.

If you choose not to give honor then enjoy your stay on this earth and do as you wish.

it really is that simple.

I have never been happier then when I have chosen to live in this "delusion" called Christianity.

But as with everything else people twist it and manipulate it and make it something other then what it really is. Some of you have been raised in Religions that you think are "christian" but are not. This has left a bad taste in your mouths. Others are misinformed as to what the Bible really teaches and spend their time debunking straw men.

At some point [maybe soon] I will go back to "ministry" and do youtubes to "Make his path straight" ... The jewish faith got so twisted up by the time of Jesus that John the Baptist had to do just that.

A lot of you guys are way smarter then to take just one side of a debate with out doing research from both sides.

I did not want to become a Real Christian but I followed the evidence and after making the choice was damn glad I did.

I respect peoples choice to live however they wish as for me ... I enjoy my "delusion"

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