Comment: Three Years Later Congress Cut Cost. 'Ration' Cut -8 cents

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Three Years Later Congress Cut Cost. 'Ration' Cut -8 cents

Navy ration first established by law: 28¢

Three years after establishing this “ration,” the Congress made some adjustments in it. The pork and beef allowances were reduced to 1 lb., those for potatoes and turnips increased to 1 lb. and for molasses to 6 oz. New to the ration were 1 lb. of “pudding” on Tuesdays and 2 oz. of butter or 4 oz. of oil on Fridays. Four years later, the Congress reduced the ration to the point where it cost but 20¢ per ration per day, but it went back up to the former amount again in 1806, where it remained until 1842, when the value rose to 30¢ per ration per day.

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