Comment: there is so much wrong with this

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there is so much wrong with this

First of all there were 54 translaters that the king appointed and 47 have been shown to take part, and on top of that there were six groups of men that did the translating. I am assuming you pulled the number 8 out of your buttocks.

there is not 8000 manuscripts there are 5,309. There are three versions. the first is called texus receptus there are literally thousands of these still around, they agree with each other completely. Then there are two others the Vaticanus and the Sinaiticus, these two disagree literally thousands of times, they are the older manuscripts but that is only because no one used them, they were literally left to rot on a shelf somewhere and found decades latter. in the translation of the kjv they used texus receptus.

Furthermore they had access to the Peshitta which is a Syrian translation from the 2nd century.

So basically your post is a bunch of stuff you made up and numbers you got from your but, thats not an argument thats a bunch of lies you hoped nobody would bother to google.