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The video posted was a man with a copper deficiency.

Copper is needed to create skin and hair pigmentation. The Copper makes elastin that prevents under arm and neck wrinkles. Varicose veins are likely.

His qualifications as an expert on nutrition? Selenium deficiency was identified as the critical factor in cancers in 1912.

This powerful antioxidant clears the rancid fat deposits from the skin (aka liver spots). Clears cataracts. Seeks out and cleans oxidized fat deposits from head to toe. Even cleans up arterial sclerosic plaques.

I agree that excess protein consumption is risky. Protein consumption without sufficient B vitamins increases the risks.

Double the carbohydrate load and double the need for vitamins and minerals.

Less that 15% carbs and the body changes for a grain burner to a fat burner.

Of total Calories, Fifteen percent protein sounds about right.

Where carbs require 100 units of Oxygen, protein require 75 units, but fats only 60 units to metabolize. Less oxygen less oxidative damage possible.

The preferred fuel for the heart is an ester of the saturated fat, palmitic acid.

The UN has an agenda. Since livestock creates greenhouse gases, they must be eliminated. First they created a false flag. Look these cows are mad! What they had was a mineral deficiency disease. Then they sent in Oprah. And now this guy with his speiel

His experiments found that malnourishment and high levels of protein consumption caused cancer in rats. He discovered the maximum amount of protein that was safe for the selenium present in the rat's rations.

But I get suspicious when anyone blames cholesterol for anything. It like blaming the fire on firemen. Lowering cholesterol has been shown to decrease mental and sexual capacity. The body makes it own cholesterol as needed unless the process enzymes are poisoned by statins.

At eighty-four grandpa and I bricked a two car garage. I hand mixed mortar and kept him supplied with bricks. He laid every single brick and kept me hopping. He died a couple years later of a mineral deficiency disease.

His BMI was never above 22, he followed a primal blueprint. Meat, saturated fats, eggs and vegetables (that reduce cysteine) from the garden. Few grains.

Proofs in the pudding. How long do Plant eaters live active productive lives?

Sixty minerals are essential for human life. A deficiency leads to disease.

Lab rats need 27 minerals. Human baby formulas have seven minerals. It would cause disease for rats.

Whether eating animal or vegetable, getting sufficient quantities of 90 essential nutrients insures the best results.

Livespans of our pets is doubled because the essential nutrients in optimal ratios is made specific for the pet.

Same with cattle, chickens, swine etc. This science is 70 year old.

But humans don't need to supplement?! Are human's luckier that livestock?

And if one is unlucky? Michigan has iodine and selenium deficient soil. Maybe I find some veggies that aren't deficient in these.

If not, tough luck?

Free includes debt-free!