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And you're correct with that

And you're correct with that statement. I think we all need to not let our emotions get the best of us and continue to think reasonably and not irrational like many of us are guilty of on this issue. Instead of the people that are calling Rand a Saint, they should acknowledge there are some things he does that could become troubling realities, and become cautiously optimistic of him at most. And the people calling Rand a traitor should acknowledge that some of the things he's doing could be a ruse, and they should be cautiously pessimistic of him at most. Because the facts are, we really don't know the true intentions of Rand. And that fear of the unknown really is what's driving such polarizing emotions on the Rand Paul subject.

On the subject of Rand Paul, we can remain cautiously optimistic or cautiously pessimistic, but we must not let our passions drive us over those emotional cliffs until it's all out on the table and we definitively know who we're dealing with.