Comment: That is very encouraging and

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That is very encouraging and

That is very encouraging and thanks for sharing that nice observation. Rand is very clever. He made a couple blunders that he calculated as necessary, but as you allude to, this new Hillary admonishing was a strong move on his part. I think people were probably heartened to hear him show that he would be willing to 'fire' politicians and agency people that were incompetent and corrupt. Is that too much to ask? But in these weird times the overlords get away with murder and more so people will be extremely happy to finally get someone who will clean things up. I'm sure Rand won't be the answer to all the problems of the world, and maybe he won't be as pure as RP, but I will support him because I know that he will be a large percent of what I want in our national leadership. I feel that he continually proves himself to me with his voting and what he espouses.