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Nice post.

I had a civil rights conversation with the concentration camp guard ... er... a TSA agent in Chicago that went similarly. They wouldn't defend their violation of my 4th amendment right, but just asked "You gonna give me a job?" Oh, to be able to print money!

I must admit, I haven't read End The Fed and probably should. Whether or not the Fed is private is, to me, a moot point. No one denies that they do have a monopoly on the money supply, a power granted specifically to Congress and no other. The answer lies in basic individual rights.

The reserved powers clause makes it pretty clear that any right not specifically granted to the federal government, like right to establish a bank, falls to the states and the people. The Congress cannot legally create an institution with more rights than the people from whom they are granted their very power to govern. Constitution aside (where Obama likes to keep it) the sovereign states and the people have every right to freedom of currency and further to establishing separation of money and state. The federal government has long since been in obvious breech of contract. There is no reason people shouldn't choose a currency like they choose any other product. We have only to step up and claim it.

If they don't control the monetary system, they can't steal your paycheck before you get it. Large scale government theft ends with the widespread use of other currencies. Then end the wars, and the limitless expansion of central government. I just hope it happens voluntarily, before the dollar meets the true death.