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This is a reply to your comments on this whole thread, not just the above comment, I just did not want to interrupt your other conversations.

In one of your comments you said Ron had about 20% of his support from liberals. I claim responsibility for about 1% of those lol, I have flipped or "woken up" tons of libs on college campuses from 2006-2012. In fact, I don't remember my classes I remember campaigning for Ron. I know these people, I understand these people. That being said, I doubt I could sell Rand to them, which I know you said is not what Rand would want anyways.

Ok, so he is starting off with 20% less support than Ron from the libs. Do you think he can really make that up in conservatives? I ask you because.... I do not know many conservatives and I do not know how their brains work. And then, even then if he can make up that 20% then he is just where Ron was.... which was.... nowhere unfortunately.

Math has never been my strong subject, but it does not add up to me. Would the conservatives rally behind him in a way where it does not matter if the independents do or not?

Also, if you think there is not a home for the libs in the tea party (which I kinda see where you're going with that...) why do you think Ron is targeting them with his college tour? He's going after them.... And thank God, because I do not know how much longer I can continue waking these people up, it is becoming boring (they lack some common sense and logic lol)