Comment: i thought this was going to be

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i thought this was going to be

just another incendiary post with no substance.
thanks for putting some thought into it.

walter block has an interesting take on it in which he applies property rights and the advancement of science to make it irrelevant. (you can find it on youtube.) but that's a long, long ways off into the future and doesn't address the application of natural rights to sperm/egg or child.

i feel out of place as an atheist/ancap identifying with the pro-life argument. but i do. however, i certainly wouldn't be for erecting a government to outlaw it.

there seems to be a big gap in terms of natural rights and ancap theory here. which, i think is to be expected. in terms of societal organization, nothing has come close to being more complete. and this is the only area i've found even a remote issue.

it may be immoral - and i believe it to be - but i think the solution would be better reached on a voluntary/communal level. it's not perfect, but in terms of mitigating risk, seems most prudent. don't condone it. don't outlaw it. fix societies outlook.

thanks for the post and look forward to other peoples input.