Comment: There is one attorney trying

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There is one attorney trying

There is one attorney trying to get a lawsuit going.

I just spoke with Jim Ostrowski, also an attorney, who stated he is researching the bill and looking at bringing forward a case. Jim would probably be acknowledged as the most knowledgeable at civil rights. Jim did the NYS Pork Lawsuit where he won an appeal but lost at the highest NYS court of appeals 5-3.

As far as the people of NY? Too early.

There is a major NYS Scope meeting being held today in Rochester. The NRA and GOA, so far, are know shows as far as getting involved. Many people are not happy at the NRA about there non presence.

The rally in Buffalo was teagop based, so there weren't as many party crossovers due to the labeling.

I am not sure who will be the coordinators for the Feb. 8 rally in Albany. However, if they are not neutral, this 2A momentum could fizzle out as the tea/republican arm groupage as proven over the last couple years.

The 2A is a great opportunity to unify people of all parties or what not. I have a gut feeling it won't happen though due to party affiliations as the divider.

Basically, this 2A infringement, is still not enough to wake up the masses. I hope I am wrong.

By summer, I would think we'll find out if there is any push going forward in lawsuits or disobedience.

There has been no word from the sheriff of Erie County. I feel he will not alienate the feds because due to the Peace Bridge to Canada, this area is a testing grounds for the latest police state gadgets. The feds have their presence known here.