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People hear what...

...they want to believe. Some people make their money by telling us what we'd like to hear. The Weston Price Foundation, which pushes animal proteins and dairy, is supported by the ranching/dairy industry.

I'm sure you've heard of cardiac surgeon Caldwell Esselstyn, who conducted a 12-year study where he put 18 people who were at death's door with heart disease on a plant-based diet. Every one of the 18 got better to the point where their heart disease actually reversed. He himself became a vegan because of what he saw in the arteries of meat eaters. I imagine that would do it.

The same types of studies done were conducted by T. Colon Campbell, M.D., among others, who've shown that a plant-based diet actually stops and in some cases reverses cancer. Because Campbell came out publicly reporting that animal proteins including dairy are linked to cancer, his government grants were suspended.

Just look at the pictures or videos of Caldwell and Rip Esselstyn, Campbell, McDougall, Barnard, etc. They're all vegans; yet they all look very healthy to me and a lot younger than their age.

btw, I'm not totally vegan myself but by cutting way down on animal protein and eliminating dairy, I've lost weight and have more energy than I've had in years.

Suffice to say, I think you're looking at the wrong enemy here. The pharmaceutical industry has the most influence with government, and Big Pharma's agenda is to make sure people continue taking their drugs. Follow the money and you'll see it doesn't lead to the organic vegetable growers.