Comment: He bitch slapped the queen bitch.

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He bitch slapped the queen bitch.

Of course they love him. For now.

To them it's all about teams. Understand they don't see principle, they just see teams, it pervades their mentality. So he did something they wouldn't dare, so to them that means Rand is on their side.

Look at how Chris Christie who is really just a liberal but fatter, got lionized by them for sassing the teacher's unions. Coulter swooned in a puddle of woman juice and was ready to coronate him on the spot.

But there is a danger. They like him and now, they will want even more for him to like them, and seduce him into their soulless principle-less world.

My real question is why Rand wants the job at all. To save the current system would require a very painful period of economic adjustment, ie austerity recession, all the while the media would be ginning up hatred and blaming him. Even if he pulled it off, he will just have saved the system.

Left to the devices of Obama's and Romney's, the fed will end of it's own. There will be worse pain than an austerity recession but it will be blamed, or more likely blamed, on the real culprits, the fed and all of the rest of progressive policies.

I have some anger at Rand for some thing's he did that seemed Machiavellian. But on the whole I like him and my guess is he is a good man. It's for that reason I fear that he might actually achieve the presidency. Yet my heart pulls for him.