Comment: NO Entangling Alliances.

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NO Entangling Alliances.

We were loved in the middle east - until we backed Israel.

Israel deserves no better treatment than anyone else.

It's only Israel-supporters (and NEOCONS) like YOU who want to frame the discussion as: East vs. West; Us vs. Them; With Us or Against Us (George W. Bush).

We don't dislike the PEOPLE of Russia - just their corrupt officials.
We don't dislike the PEOPLE of China - just the corruption there.
We don't dislike ANYONE who is innocent.

So now what happens to your argument?
All you're left with is:
Israel is just like everyone else so let's treat them as such. No special privileges. And we CERTAINLY should NOT treat an attack on them as an attack on us.

No to Israel special treatment.
No to Rand Paul LOBBYING congress to treat an attack on them as one on us.

Just say NO.