Comment: Yeah, he's blowing up alright, he

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Yeah, he's blowing up alright, he

has blown up a huge faction of the Liberty movement! He's now been hooked by the Zionist deceivers and will have no way out, and will either join their side or end his political career. They will use blackmail to force any of his father's politcal theories to discarded and he is now their b**ch. There will be no difference in politics between Rand and Rubio, but Rubio being Latino will win out. Many believe he made a smart political move becoming a Zionist believing Israel-firster, but he just 'blew himself up' with those who trully understand the movement of destruction called Zionism. I myself being a former Christian Zionist, and studying the Rothschild created hoax used to destroy Christianity and our Republic can no longer support Rand. There are thousands of others who understand the issue, who feel the same way. Zionism and the Fed work hand in hand together, both work to destroy the Republic, and one is used to destroy the goodness and Christ's True Message of Christianity. To get a better understanding of Zionism and it's destruction, whether Christian or not, watch this documentary.