Comment: "Israel falls the West will too."

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"Israel falls the West will too."

callin' bullshit. this is clearly a false dichotomy. ask anthony sutton who was bank rolling hitler, lenin and stalin. maybe find out what role bryant chucking grinder played in the cold war. east v. west is now, and always has been a ruse to march little soldiers off to death to secure profits and power for criminals.

also, couldn't care less if every last eastern european was run out of the region. got nothing to do with me.

i wholeheartedly reject the notion of the world as a chess board with human beings as pawns to be moved about by the powerful.

"The creation of Israel and the complete surrender of Japan were two critical and incredible achievements of World War II."

riiiiight! i'd LOVE to witness you explain that to a Japanese man or a survivor of Deir Yassin or the Nakba with a straight face. you've GOT to be kidding.

sorry bud, no support here.