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no one is dividing anyone on purpose.
Rand is a conservative. Period.
He courts cnservatives, thinks like a conservative and votes like one.

The division you feel are ones who never really understood a conservative gvt. It scares liberals because they cant wrap their head around conservative thinkers and how a conservative gvt ought to be run.
mlk was a conservative. Barry Goldwater. alex jones. jesse ventura, justin amash and ron paul.
all these people are conservatives. some do not like where the GOP has taken conservatives and seek to change it, others have left.
but the fact still remains, liberals and liberal leaners do not understand constitutional conservative gvt and they never will.
ron paul tried to educate them for free. some have been educated on conservatism, but most still dont get it.
time is nill and randy wont spend his time educating libs, nor will he chase after their votes.
It is bigger and better to shuck them off and bring in the disaffected conservatives from the tea party. and this is what hes doing.
reagan swept in 1980 with 49 states. rand will do the same.
reagan did it with out lib votes. libs went for carter.
same here. libs will go for obama- or third party, but conservative republicans will(unlike they did for romney and ron) they will rally around rand.
You will see.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016