Comment: Totally agree with you fishy.

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Totally agree with you fishy.

For all the pro-life supporters Rand gained today, he lost 10 times as many people who believe in the right to choose - even when that right is to choose NOT to have an abortion.

For the people who think this is a states right issue. Fine. It would have been interesting if things had been done that way. But may I remind you, 100 years ago, divorce was a very tawdry thing, a sin. You could only get a quick divorce in Nevada, or face a long, expensive, drawn-out ordeal in the other states. You know what happened? Like bowling pins falling, states passed no-fault divorce laws & you could get a divorce EVERYWHERE in a matter of a few decades.

The same thing would have happened if abortion had been a state, rather than federal issue. I'll bet you that EVERY state in the union would have had legalized abortion if it hadn't been done thru the Supremes & Roe v. Wade.

I am pro-choice, & part of that choice is the choice to not have an abortion. But, I feel that abortion should not be funded by federal or state government dollars.