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Is a beautiful town. I love the library. Probably my favorite in the Minuteman system. Such a beautiful building. So spacious - and the best selection of magazines. The most comfortable chairs to nap in.

I used to visit often when I lived in Arlington. It was much closer than it is now. Now I live in Somerville, and more often frequent the Somerville Library:

Beautiful building on the outside - not so well organized, nor beautiful on the inside. Somerville is waiting on the government for money for a new library:

The governor is trying to raise taxes to pay for all of this. He'll lower the sales taxes & increase the income tax, and the net is supposed to be + 1 Billion for the state. Then he can build that library.

I'll tell you one thing: I'd like to see that new library built. The problem with Somerville is that it is such a poor town. Not like Lexington. Highly socialist, the town I live in. They're building an affordable housing complex in front of my building. A little faction got control of the politics. In this case it is a liberal faction

But that is what "we" want to do. The RepubliCANs want to take over an outsized portion of the influence. And they can, if no one is paying attention. Don't draw too much attention!

But I digress. The Lexington library is lovely. And I love that area. With the statue there, and the Buckman Tavern just across from the Green. It is so beautiful. There is a tree there called, "The Liberty Tree." I have a picture of it. That definitely needs to be a "Postcard" from the revolution.

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