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Forgive me kron, I truly

Forgive me kron, I truly don't mean to be a dick; but hell yes the judge is complicit and the person who injects the deadly poison is a murderer if the executed person is found innocent! That is too easy a question.

"Following orders" is a defense long ago put to rest, most thoroughly in the Nuremberg Trials. That would hold true even in the scenario you offer. One should never put themselves in a position where killing someone is merely a matter of protocol, without respect to the facts and to moral calculation. In the end, if you kill someone, and they are innocent, you've nobody to blame but yourself. And yes I realize it's not easy as pie when the order comes... But that's precisely the point. We are talking life and death. If one is so confident as to assume the awesome role of arbiter of it, one should also bear the responsibility that comes with the territory.